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Charcoal Drawing by William Thorup with GIMP Paint Studio 2.0

A short charcoal sketch by William Thorup using some charcoal presents in GIMP Paint Studio 2.0. Enjoy!


Add Photoshop and GIMP brushes

Phew, I’m back. Yeah, I know it’s been quite a while. But anyways..

I’ve seen a lot of question going around on how to add additional brushes to The GIMP. Not only can we add GIMP brushes but we can also utilize those wonderful brushes made for Photoshop. Nice!

Note: This is a Windows version of GIMP so I haven’t had details on a Linux or other platforms. If you have any information, leave a comment. Thanks

Okay, on to the post of the day, adding brushes to GIMP. Well, there are several ways on adding brushes. These are, adding to your personal folder and to the program files folder.
Continue reading Add Photoshop and GIMP brushes

Pimp my GIMP with plugins and scripts!!

GIMP in itself is a powerful, open-source alternative to Photoshop or any other photo editor. But why stop there? Improve your GIMP with plugins, brushes and scripts. Expand the capabilities of GIMP and customize it according to your specifications. Add what you need in editing photos or making digital arts. (You can only remove what you added!!) Continue reading Pimp my GIMP with plugins and scripts!!

Clean up your layers on GIMP

Layers separate different “elements” when you’re editing an image on GIMP, Photoshop and other image-editing softwares. This helps you control the movement of each part of the images such as shadows, gradients, text and etc. When you create a layer, its size is the same as that of the image/canvas.

The wonderful thing about GIMP is that we can optimize its layers thus increasing control over the canvas. We can prevent useless area on a specific layer which enables users to know exactly the boundaries of each image. Continue reading Clean up your layers on GIMP

Guillotine: The GIMP way to slice images

If you are new to GIMP, then let me introduce it you.

Slicing is very easy on Photoshop. So how about us, GIMP-users?

Well, we can use the “Slice” filter (Filters > Web > Slice) and the Guillotine to slice our images. Both techniques slice up the images along its horizontal and vertical guides. Thus, there must be guides present in order for these techniques to work. Continue reading Guillotine: The GIMP way to slice images