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GIMP in the world of Linux

I’ve managed to revive my old PC and upgraded to Ubuntu. With it, I installed the latest version of GIMP (version 2.8.2 which was released on August 24, 2012).

GIMP Loading Screen
GIMP Loading Screen

One thing I noticed when browsing through the menu bar, is that there are new entries such as new filters and the new FX menu. Interesting. I might dabble with it soon and check out all the goodness it has to offer.

GIMP Filters
GIMP Filters

If you’ll notice that G’MIC is pre-installed with the package. G’MIC stands for GREYC’s Magic Image Converter. A script which contains a handful of preset transformations and effects to your image. Check it out here.

It also has a new FX-Foundry menu which has a few other effects that the Filters menu currently doesn’t have. I wished they package also the GAP plugin which extends the basic animation capabilities of GIMP. Though the basic ones are powerful enough to create animated GIF’s.

GIMP FX-Foundry
GIMP FX-Foundry

These are some of the new features that GIMP 2.8.2 has to offer aside from being able to add a layer group in the Layers dialog box just like its proprietary counterpart.

I can’t wait for what the GIMP Team have in mind for the next release.

Happy GIMPing everyone!


Pimp my GIMP with plugins and scripts!!

GIMP in itself is a powerful, open-source alternative to Photoshop or any other photo editor. But why stop there? Improve your GIMP with plugins, brushes and scripts. Expand the capabilities of GIMP and customize it according to your specifications. Add what you need in editing photos or making digital arts. (You can only remove what you added!!) Continue reading Pimp my GIMP with plugins and scripts!!

Guillotine: The GIMP way to slice images

If you are new to GIMP, then let me introduce it you.

Slicing is very easy on Photoshop. So how about us, GIMP-users?

Well, we can use the “Slice” filter (Filters > Web > Slice) and the Guillotine to slice our images. Both techniques slice up the images along its horizontal and vertical guides. Thus, there must be guides present in order for these techniques to work. Continue reading Guillotine: The GIMP way to slice images