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Export your images in GIMP’s export

With the release of GIMP 2.8, the ability to save the images in any type you want was removed. Yes, you cannot save your work as .jpg, .png, or .gif.

Instead, GIMP 2.8 introduced the capability to export your work to those types and saving defaults to save your work to GIMP’s native file, xcf.

It may be different to what you’re used to but GIMP’s move to add the export feature really organizes the UI and the flow of the ‘saving’ process which includes GIMP’s native file format or exporting to the image type that you want.

Export your image by going through File > Export or by shortcut key Shift + Ctrl + E.

GIMP Export
GIMP Export

Line Art Tutorials for GIMP

I like tracing sketches and making line art using a vector program like Inkscape. However, we can also create beautiful line arts using GIMP just like what others do with Photoshop.

GIMP has powerful Bezier tool that is both flexible and easy to use. With such flexibility, you can add, edit, and arrange your path on the fly. You can also create multiple paths at the same time.

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Add Photoshop and GIMP brushes

Phew, I’m back. Yeah, I know it’s been quite a while. But anyways..

I’ve seen a lot of question going around on how to add additional brushes to The GIMP. Not only can we add GIMP brushes but we can also utilize those wonderful brushes made for Photoshop. Nice!

Note: This is a Windows version of GIMP so I haven’t had details on a Linux or other platforms. If you have any information, leave a comment. Thanks

Okay, on to the post of the day, adding brushes to GIMP. Well, there are several ways on adding brushes. These are, adding to your personal folder and to the program files folder.
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