Save PNG the easy and fast way

I have blogged about Guillotine for easy slicing for your web templates. Others may also use the Slice script. I also googled for other options to save sliced images for our templates. I’ve found a “slice-save” script (by Arun Ravindran) and the “save for web” script almost similar to what can be found on Photoshop’s.

The slice-save script also uses the guides in GIMP as its basis for cutting and saves them as numbered files. I haven’t had the opportunity to try and test it out yet, but you can download the script and test it out yourself from

The save for web plugin pops up a window when used. There, it displays several options for saving the image as gif, png, jpg and etc. You can also adjust settings and explore the changes on the image quality and file size, settings for compression quality, number of colors, cropping and etc. Grab your copy at the GIMP Plugin Repository.

Now another, GIMP plugin I’ve found was from one of my incoming links. Ben Simon created a script fu plugin to easily save png’s. It’s called the Save-It plugin. You can easily save png by creating a selection (takes away the hassle of creating guides), hitting a hotkey, hit Enter and boom, you have your png file. Grab the Save-It plugin here.

Enjoy slicing your templates and happy GIMPing. Cheers!


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