Poor GIMP Development

Since the release of 2.6 series, development of The GIMP has been poor these days. The first release of the series, version 2.6, was good news to every GIMP user.

New features are definitely indispensable when using GIMP. Though there were minor bugs but are negligible and are most likely to happen.

The release of 2.6.4 has a lot more bugs and crashes compared to the previous versions. Version 2.6.5 was a lot better than 2.6.4 and now with the release of 2.6.6 feels like history repeating itself.

GEGL Operation now crashes just when selecting it from the menu. Talking about GEGL, I was surprised with version 2.6.4 that the settings under a specific operation was removed. I can’t tweak any effects, I can’t control the amount of blur and etc.

According to some forums, after their experiences with 2.6.6, they reinstalled 2.6.5. In these cases, it seems this was the most stable version.

I installed 2.6.6 here and I can’t use GEGL operation. Damn, might as well use the effects under Filters. I wish I had downloaded GIMP 2.6.5 before.

Oh well, I think I will wait again until they release a new stable version.

Anyways, Happy GIMPing to the rest of you!


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