GIMP 2.6.4

It has been a long time since I was online. My goodness, what a vacation! More like vacation meaning work.

Anyway, as you all are aware of, The Gimp 2.6.4 has been released some time ago (January 1).  I just had the opportunity to upgrade today.

The new version had some bug fixes. Below are the fixes for 2.6.4.

Overview of Changes from GIMP 2.6.3 to GIMP 2.6.4

* Bugs fixed:

565223 – Perspective transformation jagged edges / comb effect
563985 – jpg save dialog: “cancel” is treated like “commit”
for settings
564087 – Using clone tool on a layer with a part out of canvas
causes crashes
564593 – crash when the drawable is changed while a color tool
is active
564869 – GIMP crashes on selecting Tools->GEGL operation
565138 – python-fu-foggify does not check if image is in rgb mode
563130 – Hue selection mode does not cross the 0-360 degrees line
563179 – Scrollbars not resized when we extend the canvas size
562459 – PF_PALETTE: ‘TypeError’ when used in a plugin that is
registered in <Image>
562427 – Compilation with –as-needed
562386 – PF_SLIDER and PF_SPINNER ‘Step’ values do not change
562366 – Default image dimensions are not correctly
transferred in the file/new dialog box
561899 – GIMP can’t save to mounted filesystem if file exists

See the official announcement.

Previously, when you open GIMP in Windows, 3 tabs will appear in the taskbar. These are the Image Dialog window, Toolbar window and the Layers, Channels, Paths window and etc. But now they removed the Toolbar and Layer tab. You now have one tab on the taskbar which is that of the Image Dialog window. Very neat!

The GEGL operation of the new version is a bit faster than the previous version. That’s quite nice. However, the sliders on the GEGL operation window was missing. It seems that GEGL operation has fixed parameters found under GEGL Settings.  It lost the versatility and the control of the user for the operation. Not much settings to set there.

Also, by accident, I found that GIMP crashed when choosing an operation from the GEGL operation window. I was testing the different effects of GEGL on an image by scrolling with the mouse wheel. After scrolling up and down, it suddenly crashed.

Hope they get it fixed soon.

I’ll let you know if I find out more problems with the new GIMP version. Happy GIMPing!


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