Selections, Resizing Selections and Moving Selections

Note: This post is for the newbies starting on learning GIMP.  Note that I am using GIMP 2.6 and any reference hereto are applicable to the said and later versions.

Selections? What are those?

Well, some refer to them as “Marching Ants”. Basically, these are portions in your canvas, if you will, that you can perform specific actions or it defines an area where an action is constrained to.

There are lots of ways in creating a selection on GIMP. We have the Rectangular Select Tool, Ellipse Select Tool, Free Select Tool and etc.

Creating Your First Selection

Basically, it’s just a simple drag and drop. Select a starting point for your selection and drag your mouse(or tablet) to create and area to define your selection.

First Selection

See the dashed lines in your Image Window? Those dashed lines are moving like ants marching just like the ones on your kitchen. 🙂 Thus the term “Marching Ants”.

Do you see those boxes in the corners of your selection? Ever wonder what they do? Well, those are the handles you can use to resize your selection. Drag and drop method applies here. Go ahead, click on the handle and drag it to resize your selection. Cool huh?!

Here’s what happens when you resize your selection small enough than the size of the handles.


Those little boxes on the corners outside your selection are your handles.

Moving the Selection

Okay, you’ve made your selection but it is in the wrong place. You reached for the Rectangular Select Tool and create another selection. That could work, but that’s tedious work.

All you have to do, is position your mouse inside the selection area and start dragging. Make sure you’re not positioning your mouse on the corners otherwise you’ll be resizing them.

You can also do this with the Ellipse Select Tool.

Happy Gimping!


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