Guillotine: The GIMP way to slice images

If you are new to GIMP, then let me introduce it you.

Slicing is very easy on Photoshop. So how about us, GIMP-users?

Well, we can use the “Slice” filter (Filters > Web > Slice) and the Guillotine to slice our images. Both techniques slice up the images along its horizontal and vertical guides. Thus, there must be guides present in order for these techniques to work.

The difference of the two techniques is that “Slice” filter creates for you a table code to re-create your images. I haven’t tried this one yet because this filter is not present on GIMP installers. I wonder why? However, if you like this kind of technique, you could always download the plugin. Check this out to know more about the “Slice” filter.

Guillotine, however, slices “everything” up in your images including layers.

Another technique to slice images in GIMP is by using the Guillotine (Image > Transform > Guillotine). Guillotine does not create a code to re-create the image like the “Slice” filter. Guillotine, however, slices “everything” up in your images including layers. It, sort of, crops every layer to the shape of the area bounded by the layer guides.


A word of caution before you use Guillotine in slicing. Be sure to remove unnecessary guides to prevent filling your desktop with 50 sub-images in which you don’t really need 80% of those slices.

Happy gimping!!


33 thoughts on “Guillotine: The GIMP way to slice images”

  1. Nice post!
    I was asked by our fellow officemates on how to slice with gimp, since I wasn’t using it so I answered oh sorry 😦

    sana nalaman ko na etong link mo noon pa! ikaw kasi eh hindi mo sinabi ^_^


    Keep up the good work!

  2. @Tracy

    I managed to install GIMP when I tried Linux months ago. Funny thing is, the Slice filter is available under the Filters menu on the Linux version but not on the Windows installers. I’m using the Windows version BTW. Could be an issue with the developer of the Windows installer.

  3. What is the purpose of this feature, it seems to me totally useless…
    And yeah.. there is no Slice menu in Windows… and no way to use py-slice… no way to split image for web…

  4. Is there a way to slice an image without having to flatten it each time? I don’t have to do this in Photoshop and feel that I may one day save and close the file, forgetting that I flattened it.

  5. Also – Is there a way to slice on a windows machine? I have gimp on my linux and windows machine, but without slice on the windows machine, I guess I need a third party slicing tool (which I have found, but it is annoying to open… would be nice to do it all in one program).

  6. That gimp slicer didnt work for me on 2.6 on Vista Ultimate – not sure why, just crashes out everytime.

    I just worked out how to set guides and ended up with 85 slices… ermmm woopsie

  7. Ditto John, Script-fu crashes on the slice script, Windows Vista home Gimp 2.6 both the normal Windows version and the Portable apps version.

    Sucks too as I was really looking forward to this. Seen a vid on how to do it PS and Id really love to be able to do it with Gimp.

  8. Hmm.. it seems to be working for me.

    GIMP 2.6.6
    Windows XP Home Edition SP2

    Maybe they haven’t resolve much of the bugs when they released the 2.6 series of The GIMP.

    Submit a bug report and we will see if these crashes and bugs will be resolved in the future releases.

  9. Stop using Windows. It’s time has passed. Goodbye old friend… bye… see you later… it was nice knowing you… shalom… bye now… bug bye… some people know when it’s time to leave, and they don’t make everyone feel awkward… take a hint, get out of here already.

  10. Nice information … very helpful . I was searching for the information since long time but I didn’t get it until I visited here . Thanks for keeping this information .

    1. guillotine will only work if you’ve set up some guides. slice tool is available only in linux versions though. too bad they don’t have it in windows versions.

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